Quicklink Opens A U.S. Office


Quicklink, which provides hardware and software platforms for video and audio media, has opened its first U.S. office.

It’s in response to “immense growth” for the company stateside in recent months.

The office is located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, in Hackensack, N.J.

By opening the office, Quicklink says it is strengthening its sales, services and support operations in North America.

“Quicklink is now able to provide local support to customers with repair and service facilities,” the company says.

Support team hours have been extended.

Furthermore, inventory will be housed in warehouse space in both California and New York.

U.K.-based Quicklink CEO Richard Rees said, “We can now provide more localized support and services with inventory available for immediate access in the United States. We have experienced astronomical growth, and as a result, it was very important for us to expand our operations to service the requirements of this region.”


Quicklink’s U.S. operations are now open for business and can be reached via telephone by dialing 1-551-587-7692, or by emailing [email protected].