A Radio Alignment That’s All About More Ad Dollars


The company gaining attention for its ability to add “dynamic visuals” to in-car dashboard radios, has struck a partnership with Skyview Networks designed to drive research and revenue growth.

As of January 1, 2022, Skyview will offer network radio advertisers exclusive access to Quu Inc.’s “unique ability to increase consumer brand awareness” when consumers hear audio commercials across Quu networks.

It’s all thanks to Quu’s ad-sync technology, which Skyview Networks will start to offer marketers through barter inventory options.

“With 80% of the cars on the road today capable of displaying synced text on vehicle dashboards, Quu affiliates across the country are enjoying a dramatic increase in listener engagement and sales,” Quu CEO Steve Newberry said. “Our multi-part partnership with Skyview is an extraordinary game-changer to expand this rapidly-growing footprint and for the first time — just in time for Skyview’s upfront — offer Visual Quus to network radio advertisers.”

Quu’s technology has been implemented in nearly 900 radio stations as of today.

“We are thrilled to align with Quu to bring its powerful in-dash technology to our vast network of stations,” Skyview President/COO Steve Jones said. “The power of our networks’ weekly impressions combined with Quu’s in-car visuals will deliver our advertisers meaningful ROI.”

Jeanne-Marie Condo, Executive Vice President of Skyview Networks, added that with Quu, “our network radio advertisers now can improve their brand’s product awareness and message recall through this unique marketing opportunity exclusively available through Skyview Networks.”