RAB cuts staff, freezes salaries


The Radio Advertising Bureau is facing the same economic headwinds as its members and yesterday pink-slipped five staffers. But what RBR/TVBR and many others got was a fake email purporting to come from CEO Jeff Haley that claimed three highly paid male executives had been fired because they were paid more than “severely underpaid” female executives.

RAB says it is investigating who hacked into Haley’s email account and sent the hoax email. In fact, five staffers, 10% of the organization’s workforce, were laid off and RAB has frozen salaries and hiring.

On the beach are: VP/Marketing & Communications Renee Cassis, who had handled press relations for the past 10 years. Also gone, according to RBR sources are SVP/Member Communications Christa Dahlander, Academy Training Specialist Doc Holliday and SVP/International Consulting Bud Stiker.

RBR/TVBR Note: The termination of Stiker also will end the RAB’s training program in Europe.