RAB launches “Account Manager” sales management platform


The Radio Advertising Bureau says it’s a new online app and platform that incorporates real-time account management with CRM, projections and forecasting, and order tracking.  The software provides RAB Member stations with a powerful set of tools to help manage and track key account data and client interactions seamlessly while connected directly to their RAB.com account.

The platform also allows sellers to track specific activities with clients while providing tools for creating real-time projections based on presented business and closed orders.  Account Manager is fully integrated with RAB.com.

As an online program, Account Manager can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection, including on mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone, the iPad and Blackberry phones with an Internet browser.  This unique feature helps managers track accounts and monitor sales activity remotely. Managers have the opportunity to look at individual staff member’s performance or run reports to rollup data from an entire account group; thus allowing for short and long-term projections.

“Forecasting and strategic sales planning are an imperative to running our station clusters; RAB’s new account management tools provide a great resource to enable us to do so in real-time,” said Weezie Kramer, Regional President, Entercom Communications Corporation.  “We’re on board in a few markets and plan a further rollout.”

Account Manager is priced at $50 for a base account, covering up to five (5) sellers.  Additional sellers may be added to an account for $5 per seller per month.