RAB Spring Board meeting today


The RAB, working with larger group owners, Katz Radio Group, Interep and Arbitron, will hash out some posting resolutions and guidelines at today’s Spring Board of Directors meeting. The official announcement will come 5/27. Posting shows ratings a buy was based on vs. the audience it actually delivered. So far, CBS Radio, Greater Media and a few others have promised posting. We assume many others will be announced.

Among the other bullet points they will be discussing today:

* RAB CEO Jeff Haley has said posting and guarantees will include diary markets as well as PPM, but we’re not sure how that will work.

* The MRC recently denied accreditation for NYC and Philly. How will this affect things?

* We hope they will detail how this will all be done at the station. Will software companies have to develop new programming to implement posting? What will be the criteria? PPM will be much more suitable for automating posting procedures than diary.

* One of the questions we hope will be answered is how smaller markets will be handled. Saga CEO Ed Christian recently mentioned at his quarterly conference call that they have dropped Arbitron ratings in many of their smaller markets because of the lack of national business. How can they issue guarantees via posting to advertisers without ratings?