RAB suspends Radio 2020 participation


The RAB has notified The NAB it will suspend (for now) contributing to the Radio 2020 campaign—those are shared by NAB, RAB and HD Digital Radio Alliance. Much of those costs go to the “Radio Heard Here” spots. We asked NAB EVP Dennis Wharton how much less NAB might contribute to the effort now and how the program might change going forward. While he said they won’t discuss RAB money issues, “I will say that the Radio Heard Here campaign has been productive in helping to re-position the image of radio, and that NAB’s role is continuing into the foreseeable future.”

RBR/TVBR observation: What can we say? Dues are down for RAB, they are cutting everywhere possible. They recently announced plans to attach their own 2010 conference to the NAB Radio Show. It seems there may not be much left of The RAB if the radio industry doesn’t start improving soon.