Rachael Ray Show to offer first 3D broadcast nationwide to all TVs


The Rachael Ray Show, along with 3-D Vision, announced that on 10/29 “Rach’s Halloween Bash in 3D” will be broadcast to millions of viewers with 3-D Vision’s new 3-D process called “FullColor 3D”. The Rachael Ray show is the first to use this process in a commercial TV broadcast (sponsored in part by Sarah Lee).

The show will be viewable in full-color and in 3-D on all existing TV sets, 2-D and 3-D, thanks to a new type of 3-D glasses which will be given away to over 2.4 million viewers in the 10/5 issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Said Gene Dolgoff, 3-D Vision’s CEO: “It’s gratifying to begin commercial application of our unique 3-D technologies with the forward-thinking innovators at the Rachael Ray show.”

Another aspect of the upcoming 3D show is that it was converted to 3D using a new process called “Auto-3-D”, which allows completion in a short time at a reasonable cost. The Rachael Ray 3-D episode took only 2 weeks to convert, utilizing three computer operators, and was done at a fraction of the cost of conventional 3D conversion.

Dolgoff tells RBR-TVBR they are currently speaking with some large 23 networks about this: “We just did an internal piece for one of the networks for them to decide if they wanted us to do this. If they go for it, then we will be converting to 3D for them constantly.”

We also learned that folks watching Rachel Ray without the 3D glasses will notice it will only look slightly fuzzy, in some parts—unlike in the past, where they would see a “double vision” of green and red.