Radio advertisers get industry search engine

0 opened for business last week today for radio advertisers to list their radio ads. is a free search engine solely dedicated to radio advertisers with tracking capabilities for their radio advertising campaigns. Radio listeners can instantly find all of the details of an ad with what little information they recall no matter what station they heard it on.

To get listed, radio advertisers need to go to to input their info. They can input the ad details, include coupons, images, links to their web site and direct links to the product or service they are advertising. The site will be searchable for listeners November 20th, in time for the Pre-Thanksgiving sales.

The site offers advertisers metrics including feedback data on response rate and "keyword search tracking," which shows what words listeners use to find their ads. This feature alone will help advertisers create improved copy for better radio ads. Other reports enable radio advertisers to track, quantify, and understand how effective their radio campaigns are.