Radio and TV both gained in Q4 for Entravision


Net revenues were up 5% in Q4 to $50.7 million for Entravision, brin ging the full year in with a gain of 6% to $200.5 million. Both radio and TV posted revenue and cash flow gains for the quarter.

“During 2010, we saw growth in our revenues, which were positively affected by increased advertising primarily relating to the World Cup and political activity. In addition, we continue to achieve increased retransmission consent revenue. Our audience shares remain strong in the nation’s most densely populated Hispanic markets, and we believe we remain well positioned to benefit as the U.S. Hispanic market continues to expand and advertisers increasingly recognize the importance of reaching our target audience. We remain focused on improving our operating performance by capitalizing on the recovering advertising market, while continuing to carefully manage our costs,” said CEO Walter Ulloa.

Television revenues were up 4% in Q4 to $33.8 million. Operating expenses rose only 3% to $18.2 million, so RBR-TVBR calculates that broadcast cash flow (BCF) for TV improved 5% to $15.5 million.

Radio revenues gained 8% for the quarter to $16.9 million and expenses were flat at $12.5 million, so RBR-TVBR calculates that BCF was up 39% to $4.4 million.

Ulloa told analysts that national was up 37% in the quarter for radio, while local was down 3%. “We were pleased to see our trend of consistent positive growth continue during the quarter. We generated positive growth each month of this quarter in national sales, but our local sales continued to be choppy,” he said.

EBITDA for the entire company was up 11% in Q4 to $16.7 million and gained 15% for the year to $63.6 million.