Radio campaign urges H1N1 vaccinations


Dr. Regina Benjamin, the brand new US Surgeon General, has announced a radio PSA campaign aiming to motivate at-risk members of the population, particularly in the African-American community, to go out and get an H1N1 flu vaccine.

The disease can be especially harmful or even fatal to people with underlying health problems, and many of the diseases in question tend to occur more frequently within the African-American population than with the population as a whole.

Coupled with that is the rumor that the government vaccines are unsafe. Benjamin calls that a myth, and wants to promote the idea that what is unsafe is not getting the vaccine.

Politics Daily notes that the vaccine was in short supply for a time, but demand for it has waned as the flu season has progressed. However, it officially lasts until May, so Benjamin remains focused on getting as many people to use it as possible.

The radio spots were put together with the Ad Council.

RBR-TVBR observation: There will be no cash to be found here, but running the spots would make excellent fodder for your public file.