Now Integrated On Bixby


Chalk up another voice-activated task platform that can now access a variety of live and on-demand content from Entercom‘s platform.

It shares its name with a popular actor known for roles on The Incredible Hulk and for directing early 1990s NBC sitcom Blossom before his untimely death from prostate cancer. is now fully integrated into Samsung’s Bixby platform.

Similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Samsung smartphone users in the U.S. can now add the “capsule” through the Bixby Marketplace.

This can give listeners the ability to discover new audio content on by asking Bixby to play a certain genre, such as “sports talk” or “classic rock.” Bixby will search the portfolio for content that matches the listener’s request.

“This is an exciting integration with Samsung to bring the listening experience wherever and however our listeners want it,” Entercom Chief Digital Officer J.D. Crowley said. “With Bixby, we are able to bring to millions of listeners, making it easier than ever to discover and engage with our premium audio content as part of our listeners’ daily audio habit.”

A generation of TV viewers may think of actor Bill Bixby when thinking of the Samsung Bixby. Bixby’s career also includes such programs as The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.