Pause, Rewind, and Start Again: A Big New Feature


In what Entercom Communications is hailing as “first of its kind audio technology for broadcast content,” the company’s streaming platform on Tuesday formally unveiled a “Rewind” option that brings the most podcast-like experience to live audio streaming seen yet for its stations. Rewind gives users the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

That’s a feature seen on other commonly used platforms such as, which Entercom infamously pulled its station streams from as part of a rebuild that has been largely successful.

But, Rewind will also allow for time-shifting of shows and stations using the platform, with automatic recording of a broadcast of desire to consumers. While a listener to a music-driven station such as KCBS-FM “93.1 JACK FM” may have little interest in the feature, it is most certainly something consumers of Entercom’s spoken word stations will be magnetized by.

As such, Rewind will launch on Entercom’s Sports, News and Talk stations.

“This new functionality marks the first-ever all-in-one on-demand audio experience for broadcast radio content,” Entercom claims.

Leading the execution of the time-shift feature is J.D. Crowley, Entercom’s Chief Digital Officer. He calls Rewind “innovative technology that will transform the
way audiences consume and engage with broadcast radio by reimaging it for a digital

Unlike a DVR, Rewind will store audio for 24 hours. If it isn’t consumed by then, it will disappear. Consider it a digital cassette with a one-day lifespan. The feature allows audiences to fast-forward to live content at any time, resume their listening experience from where they left off and select a playback speed up to two times the original speed. Voice-enabled instructions will be possible, with one simply speaking “rewind,” “pause” or “go back” and “start from” a certain time.

But, one can’t wait a couple of days to listen to something.

In the coming months, Rewind users will also be able to share moments of live
broadcast radio content for distribution on social media and via e-mail, Entercom says.