Radio coming into play in Nevada Republican primary


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has been treading a tightrope for over a year now. He has been forced to shepherd a progressive legislative agenda through Congress, and has been an easy target for critics back in his home state. Many of the critics are attempting to run against him, and one is already using radio.

Conservative Sharron Angle is the second Republican to hit the airwaves, with a 60-second radio spot that will run in the state for two weeks. It comes after another candidate opened the spending with a television flight.

Angle is using the spot to talk up a Tea Party event that is going to take place in Reid’s hometown near the end of the month of March.

State Senator Sue Lowden is the competitor who made early use of television. Also in the race is Danny Tarkanian, who is in the Las Vegas real estate business.