Radio deals in Wausau WI, Jacksonville NC


$325K WDTX-FM Wausau-Stevens Point WI (Rothschild WI) from JER Licenses LLC (Jon E. Robinson) to Sunrise Broadcasting LLC (Steven H. Resnick). Promissory note for full amount. TBA until closing. Combo with WXCO-AM Wausau WI. [FCC file date 8/16/12]

$225K WAVQ-AM Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville NC (Jacksonville NC) from Connor Media Corporation (Ronald Benfield) to CDV Broadcasting LLC (Cathy Clark). $10K deposit, $55K cash at closing, $160K note. [FCC file date 8/16/12]

$45K KAXA-FM Mountain Home TX from George Chambers to Radiodog Media (Thomas Gebhart). Cash. [FCC file date 8/16/12]


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