Radio, Digital Will Get More Political Ads


BorrellIf Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination will that drive down media ad spending?

Borrell and Associates EVP Kip Cassino says it would but “would be more than compensated for by Senate, House” and gubernatorial race ad spending.

The media research company wanted to explain why it raised its forecasts for media advertising in 2016.

Between January 1 and election day the company predicts some $11.7 billion will be spent on political advertising in the media; that’s some $26,000 every minute, according to VP Research Corey Elliott.

Most of that, some $5.9 billion will go to television but radio will get some too.

In fact, the company increased their radio prediction 10% and online 8%.

The majority of radio money will come from local races, with the most from ballot issues at $23.6 million and $22.61 million from those running for local office.

Digital is the opposite of radio, with 60% coming from national and 40% from local races.

The presidential election accounts for 1 out of every 3 dollars, said Kip in a Webinar Thursday.