Radio Disney sends N.B.T. stars on the road


Children’s radio network Radio Disney is booking concerts in large markets across the nation this Fall, sending four of the artists on its fourth go-around of its “Next BIG Thing” talent contests on the road along with performers introduced in earlier contests. It will kick off in Chicago 9/5/11 and make its way to Celebration FL on 12/10/11 with several stops in between.

“We are excited to give Radio Disney listeners the opportunity to see, hear and get to know this year’s ‘N.B.T.’ artists as we kick off the competition with a tour that provides an in-person experience unlike any other talent competition show,” said Kelly Edwards, executive director of Music and Programming, Radio Disney. “The mix of our veteran ‘N.B.T.’ artists with this year’s contestants will offer fans a great show.”

The interim stops on the tour will all be in major media markets, including New York City, Boston, St. Louis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Radio Disney claims a major hand in jump-starting acts such as Kicking Daisies, Coco Jones and Allstar Weekend.

Radio Disney describes N.B.T. as a “…daily multiplatform feature highlights young, aspiring recording artists, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their music across national broadcast and online platforms.”

The tour is being sponsored by Invisalign Teen, which will be offering prizes including a chance to attend the final concert of the tour. “We are thrilled to be such a big part of Radio Disney’s first live ‘NBT’ Tour, where we have an opportunity to reach and engage directly with fans and their parents about Invisalign Teen,” said Sheila Tan, vice president of Marketing and chief marketing officer for Align Technology, Inc. “We realize that one of the keys to a successful performance is exuding personality and confidence, and Invisalign Teen wants to remind parents that there is a modern choice for straightening teeth that helps kids feel more confident as they pursue their dreams no matter what their passion.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Cross-promotion, getting out and about among the audience, selling radio as a viable media option for the next generation, getting an advertiser to participate fully – what’s not to like about this?