Radio group used auction process to grow


TowersThe Taos News reports that local broadcaster DMC Broadcasting will be adding to its collection of radio stations the old-fashioned way. It’s building them from scratch.

DMC has five stations already, all in northeastern New Mexico. Two serve Taos County – KKIT-FM and KVOT-AM; another serves both Taos and Colfax Counties utilizing two frequencies– KKTC-FM (on 99.9 and 100.7); and another serves the upper northeast area near Colorado – KXMT-FM.

The Taos County stations will be getting another FM, and so will KXMT up near Colorado, both courtesy of an FM auction held by the FCC back in May 2013.

In fact, the auction is now the preferred method of growth for the company. President/CEO Darren Córdova told Taos News that he acquired the first two stations, but the second two were acquired as mere allotments in the auction process.

The new additions mean that the group has been primarily auction-built.

RBR-TVBR observation: Of course, the days for something like this happening in a reasonably-sized rated market are pretty much over. But it’s good to see not only that it is still possible in some locations, but more importantly, that there is still enough demand for radio that entrepreneurs are starting still hatching them fresh out of the FCC egg.