Radio’s Biggest Advertisers Strut Their Stuff


The latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Radio report is out, and there’s a lot of iHeartRadio-focused activity for the week ending May 23.

This actually helps paint a clear picture as to what brands are committing to Radio, and which brands use it sporadically or … not at all.

As shown below, Progressive — fueled not by Flo or Jaime but that tongue twister-loving voiceover artist that’s become more omnipresent than ever for the auto insurance brand — is a big No. 1.

The Home Depot is back in action, with a new effort putting it some 5,000 or so play counts behind Progressive.

Their activity pushes Indeed to No. 3 among fully paid advertisers, as Wendy‘s is upping its Radio activity.

GEICO and Babbel are each softer for the week.