FCC Goes Green On Keeping Copies Of Its Rules


A Report and Order that could make your lives easier will no longer be up for debate and discussion at Thursday’s February Open Meeting of the FCC’s Commissioners.

That’s because there is nothing left to debate — all five Commission leaders no longer believe it is necessary for broadcast TV and radio stations to maintain paper copies of FCC rules.

The initial agenda for the Feb. 22 meeting saw the FCC considering the Report and Order, which eliminates specific Part 74, 76, and 78 rules that require certain broadcast and cable entities to maintain paper copies of Commission rules, while retaining provisions that require the subject entities to be familiar with the rules governing their operations.

This is MB Docket No. 17-231 and MB Docket No. 17-105.

The item has now been deleted from the agenda, meaning that there’s nothing more to say; the FCC adopted the R&O on Tuesday (2/20).

“We received unanimous support for this proposal,” the FCC notes. “Eliminating these requirements, which apply to low power TV, TV and FM translators, TV and FM booster stations, cable television relay station (CARS) licensees, and certain cable operators, will advance the Commission’s goal of reducing outdated regulations and unnecessary regulatory burdens that can impede competition and innovation in media markets.”

Still on the February Open Meeting agenda is one item of interest to broadcasters.

It deals with the FCC Broadcast Mid-Term Report, and is a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes to eliminate the requirement in Section 73.2080(f)(2) of the Commission’s rules that certain broadcast television and radio stations file the Broadcast Mid-Term Report (Form 397).

This is MB Docket No. 18-23 and MB Docket No. 17-105.

Commissioners will gather at 10:30am on Thursday and will also discuss and debate a pair of Office of Engineering & Technology items, a Wireless Telecommunications and Wireline Competition matter, and two Wireless Competition issues.