Ray Lucia Ready To Hang Up The Headphones


In 1990, The Ray Lucia Show made its on-air debut in “America’s Finest City,” as a local Talk program airing on Midwest TV’s KFMB-AM 760 in San Diego.

In 2000, Business Talk Radio Network took the show nationally via syndication, eventually yielding a TV series in 2006.

Now, Ray Lucia is ready to say goodbye to his broadcast duties.

Lucia’s last broadcast will be on June 28, 2019.

“After discussing it with Jeanne, we both felt the time was right,” says Lucia, aged 69. “I have spent decades telling others how to enjoy their retirement years, and it was time to listen to my own advice.”

BizTalkRadio COO Scott Miller said, ““Very rarely does a radio and television program come along that both entertains and informs listeners and viewers. There is no doubt in my mind that thousands of families have benefited from Ray’s wisdom on how to manage money. He is from a generation of broadcasting that will be deeply missed.”

A once-frequent guest on FOX News, FOX Business and CNBC, Lucia now plans to spend his retirement years in San Diego with family.

Lucia’s career was marred in 2013, when he was ordered to pay $50,000 for giving investors misleading information about his “Buckets of Money” wealth management strategy.

Lucia’s San Diego-based firm, Raymond J. Lucia Companies Inc., was also ordered by a judge to pay $250,000 as its investment adviser registration was revoked.

This came after the SEC in September 2012 accused Lucia of improperly influencing investors to think that his strategy helps retirees “generate inflation-adjusted income for life.”

Lucia appealed the decision, on the grounds that the administrative judge at the SEC had not been properly appointed. By mid-2017, on further appeals, the Supreme Court of the U.S. heard Lucia v. SEC.

In June 2018, the highest court in the land ruled in favor of Lucia. However, Lucia isn’t off the hook — a new SEC hearing under an appropriately appointed judge was ordered by the Supreme Court.