RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast: Pacific Northwest Ag Network


Some might scoff at the notion of an agricultural network, conjuring up images of WKRP in Cincinnati character Les Nessman doing a hog report, or perhaps the golden age of radio in the 1930s.

Yet, in-depth and accurate farm news remains vitally important to a large segment of the nation. Why did Cherry Creek Radio embark on an effort to offer this programming to radio listeners, one that now involves sales representation by Gen Media Partners and J.L. Farmakis?

Glenn Vaagen, the Program Director for the Pacific Northwest Ag Network, offers great insight into the continued value of ag programming in Idaho, Washington and Oregon in this RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast, presented by Dot.FM.

He even touches on the subject of marijuana, and how it fits in to agricultural business news and advertising opportunities!

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