Reason that radio and other media is in decline


The real reason that radio and other media is in decline is that each medium is too focused on selling its own attributes, and needs to expend most of its energy building the advertisers’ sales, giving them directly traceable, accountable results.  Radio will only grow when it walks that talk – and here’s the financial proof that it can be done… 

Separate and apart from my own Christian radio station ownership initiatives, I filled in on a four week medical leave for a salesperson at a station ranked 5th out of 7, and wrote 10K in business a week on a rate card that averaged less than 10 bucks – most of it incremental business – with new and existing clients.  It was from a standing start, I wasn’t from anywhere near the city, the list hadn’t been serviced consistently, and it was in the middle of clients’ summer holidays.  No big show, just me, working as a sales rep.

What made the difference is the very specific and systematic approach I used.  All I did was meet with prospects and clients and showed them how to develop the marketing systems, strategies, ad and sales tools that they could put to use the very next day to increase sales and profits – regardless as to where they advertised.  The reciprocal action was that clients signed on for more radio advertising than ever before.
As we sow, we reap.

Kind regards,
Andy McNabb
McNabb Broadcasting/Andy McNabb & Company