Red House Builds Full-Sized Chromakey Studio


CP Communications-owned Red House Streaming has completed upgrades to one of the two studios at its St. Petersburg, Fla.-based professional and network operations center (NOC).

The result is the creation of an enhanced chromakey space.

Known as Studio B, the new area can accommodate a four-person interview set and produce a full 16:9 chromakey shot.

Red House Steaming completed the renovations to Studio B in about three weeks and began using the chromakey set in mid-July.

Originally, Red House Streaming had a small chromakey area in Studio B to accommodate single-person standups. “When we were approached by a client that wanted to produce a pilot for a TV series, we decided we needed something larger,” said Red House Streaming GM Lowell Beckner.

That pilot, for a young adult news series, was the first project produced in the new space. The studio continues to be used for regular programming for other clients. Studio B now features a cyc wall that measures 17 feet across and 12 feet high, as well as soundproofing to accommodate musical acts. Three new Neewer globe lantern softbox diffusers help create even lighting across the set for clean chromakey effects, and additional fixtures are used for lighting talent. Studio B features all LED lighting that is controlled via DMX.

The new chromakey area features four of Red House Streaming’s RHS CamSTREAM PTZ camera units, three on tripods and one mounted high on a vertical truss for wide shots. All four cameras are controlled using a Panasonic AW-RP150 touchscreen remote camera controller in the control room, so there are no camera operators in the studio. The Red House Streaming control room, which is shared by both studios, also features a Yamaha TF1 digital audio mixer, CasparCG graphics, and a vMix production switcher.

The chromakey studio is the first major upgrade for Red House Streaming studios, which launched its first production in January 2021. The facility already has several regular clients using its production studios as well as its NOC for content management and delivery. Red House Streaming also offers mobile production and streaming packages.

— Brian Galante