Reformers gear up for media hearing


The FCC long ago announced the next public hearing on media ownership, pegged for Chicago on 9/20/07. The pattern of these meetings has pretty much followed the template established way back in 2003 when the FCC held on meeting, former Chairman Michael Powell attended a second, and Democratic Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein went on a road show to numerous others. The segment of the public that tends to show up is the segment with an axe to grind. The Illinois PIRG is taking steps to assure that the Chicago forum is no exception. It is holding an "Organizer Workshop for Chicago FCC Hearing on Media Ownership" about three weeks ahead of the main event, on 8/29/07. it will "focus on strategic conversations for developing our message, raising awareness about the FCC hearing, and turning out our communities to be sure our voice is heard at this vital event."

RBR observation: Citizens organizing to make sure their voices are heard is engaging in a respectable and admirable democratic activity and the activists who attend this event can be commended for putting their spare time to use in an attempt to improve our nation’s communications regulatory infrastructure. We would only point out that recent history is on their side. They and like-minded citizens will be likely to overwhelmingly present the views of the Illinois PIRG and its supporters whether or not they so much as lift a finger in advance.