Remote News Service joins with Talk Shows USA


Remote News Service, an economical choice for radio stations to provide accurate quality news that’s market specific, has joined forces with radio industry veteran Skip Joeckel’s “Talk Shows USA”.

Leslie Lotto, president of Remote News Service remarked, “I’ve know Skip for a number of years (who doesn’t?) and even though the service RNS provides isn’t a talk show, we’re excited to have RNS introduced to all of the stations that Skip works with.

Talk Shows USA is considered one of radio’s finest sources for radio programmers with programs like The Money Pit Home Improvement Show, Cigar Dave, Gun Talk, Free Talk Live, Doctor’s Orders, The Small Business Advocate and The Career Clinic.

Added Skip Joeckel, President of Talk Shows USA: “Radio has had to make sacrifices and cuts, but just because they’ve had to make those cuts – especially in the newsroom – doesn’t mean they can’t provide local newscasts to their listeners. Since 2007 RNS has been providing newscasts to stations all across the country. Not cookie-cutter newscasts, but newscasts that are designed by the stations RNS serves. In these tough times, it’s a great economical way to provide news, sports and weather. I’m very happy to be working with Leslie and her team of newscasters.”