Rep. Darrell Issa gets a watchdog built for one


The Republican Party victory in the 2010 midterm elections returned them to the leadership role in the US House of Representatives, and Darrell Issa (R-CA) rode the Republican wave to the chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. And his vocal plans for the committee have led to the formation of a new organization devoted strictly to keeping tabs on Issa – and it even has plans to advertise.

The organization is called The Third Lantern, and according to a Politico report, it has been formed by liberal political operatives based in Issa’s state of California.

Issa has promised vigorous oversight of the Obama administration, and The Third Lantern is promising vigorous oversight over Issa.

The group is being run by SCN Strategies, a political services group. According to its website, SCN “…wins campaigns – for political candidates and initiatives, as well as corporations, organizations and individuals facing high-profile, high-stakes public affairs challenges.  SCN has worked on hundreds of political campaigns at all levels, including major candidates for President, Prime Minister, US House and Senate, Governor, Mayor, and numerous local and statewide initiatives.”

Its principals are Ace Smith, Dan Newman and Sean Clegg.

It says it has backers and money to spend, and television is definitely in its plans, as well as the use of other paid media outlets.

One of Issa’s staffers has already labeled the project a “smear” campaign, and other observers believe the project may not sit well President Barack Obama is calling for a more civil tone in political debate. But the bottom line is that nobody seems at this point to believe that this will be all that big a deal.