Republicans playing catch-up in House battlegrounds


Democrat and RepublicanThe Washington-based congressional political committees have been reserving air time well in advance of the fall election season in anticipation of ad-flooded airwaves, and NRCC just booked some more.

According to a new Politico report, the National Republican Congressional Committee just reserved $5.7M worth of TV time in six districts where they are either facing a vulnerable Democrat or are protecting a vulnerable member of their own party.

That brings their total expenditure on time reservations to $23.9M. The committee has plenty more in the bank, and is embarking on a campaign to extract another $26M from its incumbent members in order to maintain their majority in the House.

The NRCC’s rival Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already booked $46.1M on some 60 districts, according to Politico, also focusing on battleground districts with a mix of offensive and defensive goals. According to the report, 37 of the targeted districts are offensive in nature, 11 are defensive and 12 are contesting open seats.