Request to further extend LPTV proceeding nixed


FCCFree Access & Broadcast Telemedia, LLC wants a nebulous deadline date for submitting comments on LPTV and the incentive auction: Two weeks beyond the date the FCC supplies certain information.

Specifically, it wants two weeks past the time that the FCC reveals the underlying assumptions used to produce the Greenhill television incentive auction valuations.

The FCC said as a general matter, the bar is set high for a comment extension, and in this case, the proceeding has already been extended once.

But it went further, commenting on FAB’s point that it was impossible to determine the impact of the auction on LPTV and translator stations, among other things, without access to Greenhill’s methodology.

The FCC said that the request was essentially impossible to comply with because, among other things, LPTV was not a part of the Greenhill study, which was confined to auction-eligible stations.

Not that the LPTV issue won’t be addressed more fully. The FCC concluded, “Moreover, to the extent that Free Access seeks access to any data demonstrating the impact of the incentive auction on LPTV stations, the issue of such impact, which has been raised in the docket of the incentive auction proceeding, will be considered at a future date. Again, we find that Free Access has not adequately demonstrated a nexus between the LPTV proceeding and the requested data to warrant any further delay in this proceeding.”