Rich Broadcasting expands its holdings


SoldRichard Mecham’s Rich Broadcasting LLC has a deal that will bring in eight stations in two small western markets, adding to its holdings in both Idaho and Wyoming.

The stations are in Jackson WY and Sun Valley ID. Although the breakdown is four in each state, one of the Idaho stations is actually much closer to Jackson than the other location.

The seller is Jerrold Lundquist’s Chaparral Broadcasting Inc.

According to Jody McCoy of Media Services Group, the deal is valued at $3.7M. Rich is putting $92.5K into escrow, paying an additional $2.215M in cash at closing and striking a note for $1.3M.

The purchase price may be adjusted according to the performance of the stations. It uses as a base a broadcast cash flow total of $462,500 from 12/1/11 through 11/30/12. The difference between that number and the actual BCF for the period is multipled by eight and that product is either applied to or deducted from the purchase price. In the example presented, if actual BCF were to come in at $510,000, the difference would be $47,500, which when multiplied by eight would work out to $380,000, and which would increase the purchase price to $4.08M.

The stations in the Jackson area include:
* KJAX-FM Jackson WY, a Class C on 93.3 MHz with 100 kW @ 1,070’
* KSGT-AM Jackson WY, a Class C on 1340 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND
* KMTN-FM Jackson WY, a Class C1 on 96.9 MHz with 50 kW @ 1,060’
* KZJH-FM Jackson WY, a Class C on 95.3 MHz with 100 kW @ 1,056’
* KOUW-FM Island Park ID, a Class C on 102.9 MHz with 37 kW @ 2,762’

The Sun Valley stations are:
* KECH-FM Sun Valley ID, a Class A on 95.3 MHz with 100 W @ 2,169’
* KYZK-FM Sun Valley ID, a Class A on 105.7 MHz with 100 W @ 2,169’
* KSKI-FM Sun Valley ID, a Class C on 103.7 MHz with 52 kW @ 1,909’

The deal also includes four FM translators.


  1. To Whom It May Concern:
    RE: Your recent purchase of KJAX, 93.3 Jackson, WY.
    I’m very disappointed that you purchased this radio station & have revamped who works there, their programing & also your reception does not even reach 13 miles south of Jackson!! We really enjoyed the banter between Jake Nichols & DelRay in the mornings. Now I hear you are planning on letting the weather man, Jim “Woody” Woodmency go too! What next?
    I used to be able to listen to your station in my home at Hoback Junction but I can’t even do that. I lose reception of your station about 9 miles south of town. VERY DISAPPOINTING, FRUSTRATING, ANNOYING…You’ve ruined a good thing. What do you plan to do – at least about the reception issue? Trying to get a good radio station in this valley is hard enough, now this.
    Would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

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