Rick Buckley, President of Buckley Broadcasting, dies


Taking many by surprise that long time broadcaster and President of family owned broadcast business, Buckley Broadcasting, Rick ‘Buck’ Buckley died early Sunday morning from a brain embolism. 

RBR-TVBR received a call from Buckley 50-year long time friend and media broker Frank Boyle stated that ‘Buck’ went boating on Long Island Sound but complained of a head ache and not feeling well. 

Buckley’s wife, Connie, took ‘Buck’ to the hospital where late last night, Saturday night, suffered the brain embolism. 

Early this morning, Sunday 7/31/11, with wife Connie and long time friend and Buckley Broadcasting COO Joe Bilotta by his side Rick ‘Buck’ Buckley passed away.

RBR-TVBR note: Joe Bilotta, COO, passed along this email below to all Buckley emplyees:

31 July 2011
To: All Buckley Radio employees 

It is with a deep and profound sadness that I must inform you that early Sunday morning, Rick Buckley passed away.

His passing was peaceful and without pain.  He suffered a brain embolism on Saturday afternoon at his beach home in Quogue, NY.

There is no more impassioned leader of any company than Rick Buckley.  He led the company that bears his name for over 4 decades and did so in a style and manner that reflected the family nature of his business. 

He loved Radio, loved his company and cared deeply for all of his employees. 

At this writing, Connie and Jen have not announced their memorial plans and we certainly will be advising everyone. 

A company is an assembly of its parts and Rick had a favorite saying that, ‘People are our most important commodity’….You are and were his company.  I trust that you will have him in mind with good thoughts and prayers.

As we all soldier on, let’s remember him as the caring, loving leader that he was and work to insure that the legacy he labored so hard for lives on.

Best regards,
Joseph Bilotta