Looking for a FAST+AVOD Solution? Just rlaxx


An international linear advertising-based video on demand service headquartered in the far north of Germany is launching both its web application and an app for Android devices as it looks forward to a 2022 arrival in North America.

Kiel-based FAST+AVOD entity rlaxx TV in early December launched its app for iOS and the iPad. As such, it is now available on nearly every smart TV in target markets across Europe and the U.K., as well as Turkey, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

“What we have achieved since September 2020 makes us very proud,” says Ronny Lutzi, CEO and founder of rlaxx TV. “Within a year, we have launched our app on almost every internet-enabled device, in addition to the 24 countries we will be available in by the end of the year. With these final 2021 launches we are keeping our promise and very ambitious annual goal to offer a laid-back experience for viewers in all forms of presentation.”

By the week, rlaxx TV hopes to have services to Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland up and running. This makes NATPE Miami, from January 18-20, 2022, a potentially important event for rlaxx TV. A rollout in the U.S. and Canada is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

The marketing team at rlaxx TV calls its content “premium niche.” Current media partners include international holders of video and TV rights for Vevo Pop, Nitro Circus, Gusto TV, Street League Skateboarding, Comedy Dynamics, People TV, New KPop, New KFood, and PowerNation TV. Thus, rlaxx TV relies on a global network of content partners.

NATPE Miami could bring new relationships.


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