Rohde & Schwarz ready for ATSC Mobile/Handheld


Rohde & Schwarz, manufacturer of TV transmitters, and a leading supplier of mobile TV broadcast transmitters in the US, announced that it will support the ATSC M/H technology and will offer television broadcasters the products to implement mobile digital TV quickly and effortlessly.

Rohde & Schwarz currently offers DTV transmitters and exciters that are ATSC M/H ready, and will offer the ATSC M/H technology as a firmware upgrade for existing users of the R&S SX800 exciter platform. This exciter has been introduced and deployed in the US for ATSC and NTSC transmitters since 2006, both in the newest air-cooled and liquid-cooled transmitter series, as well as in transmitters from other manufacturers.

“Our R&S SX800 is ready to support this new standard, just as it supports the other worldwide TV standards, including DVB-H, ISDB-T and MediaFLOTM” said Dave Benco, Program Manager. “We are pleased to let our current users know that their DTV transmitters using the R&S SX800 exciter are ready to be switched to ATSC M/H without hardware changes. Any broadcaster investing in a Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitter today, can be confident that his investment is safe and that his transmitter will be ATSC M/H capable.”

Samsung and LG Electronics recently announced that they have reached an agreement to cooperate and merge their proposals currently under consideration by the ATSC.  The announcement will likely accelerate the standardization of ATSC M/H.