Ronnie Dunn Sees Radio as an Artist’s Lifeline


Music-SpeakerSpeaking to “Taste of Country,” the country star said, “If you’re gonna be heard, you have to get on radio.” Dunn had tried going alone as an independent artist but has since circled back and signed with Nash Icon Records. As an indie, the singer found getting radio airplay was a huge challenge.

“If you’re gonna be heard, you have to get on the radio,” Dunn said. “The Internet alone is not gonna do it.”

Promoting his music as an indie artist took a tremendous amount of effort, Dunn said, but added that’s where he sees the industry heading. Right now, it’s a system of conglomerates, like Cumulus and iHeartMedia. The rivalry between the two hampered McEntire’s singles on her “Love Somebody album.”

“Conglomerates, that’s where it’s at right now,” Dunn said. “It’s so competitive between all the different factions. Always has been, but it’s even more pronounced now. It’s getting to the point where it’s ridiculous.” He added, “There are reasons for that, that we probably shouldn’t talk about it.”