Rush Limbaugh Costa Rica plane ticket budget met


The website, created by Mike and Patrick of Brooklyn, has become somewhat of an overnight sensation. The site, which is collecting donations to send Rush Limbaugh to Costa Rica in the wake of House passage of health care reform, had a deadline of 4/30/10 to earn enough cash for the ticket. But after only 18 hours, it already has enough cash.

“WHOAH,” says an update posted on the site. “18 hours, 1,158 dollars, and over 62,000 visits later – everyone is unbelievably awesome. We’ve made enough for a single First Class ticket, but thankfully the donations keep coming. We’re grabbing some sleep, but expect new information later today, Tuesday, 3/23. THERE’S A NEXT PART TO THIS PLAN. THANK YOU.”

The day two upgrade indicates that the duo is scoping out a crib for Limbaugh, as well as means for moving his stuff. The update said, “DAY 2: Enough for one ticket. Currently researching: cost of a modest apartment in Costa Rica, cost of a moving service, and cost of Spanish lessons (just to be safe). Keep the donations coming! THANK YOU.”

As of 1PM 3/23/10, the website had raised $1,423.

RBR-TVBR observation: We suspect the odds of Limbaugh accepting this ticket to be akin to the survival prospects of the proverbial condemned snowball. But the creators, obviously enjoying far more success than they dreamed possible, are working on upgrading the offer. Not that that will make things any better for the snowball either. But stay tuned.

NOTE: see the first that started this rolling: Free travel offer to Costa Rica for Rush Limbaugh