Sagittarius gets Whiplash in Youngstown-Warren


SoldA pair of AM stations is headed for a new owner in eastern Ohio with a heavily-back-loaded payment plan. The stations – WYCL-AM Niles OH and WHTX-AM Warren OH, are both commercial operations, and are going to a buyer who has an interest in a noncommercial FM.

The seller is creatively named after its principal – Whiplash Radio LLC is headed by Christopher A. Lash.

The buyer is Sagittarius Communications LLC, headed by Nelson Cintron.

The deal is valued at $150K, with the bulk of it to be paid over five years pursuant to terms of a $140K promissory note.

Lash will be hanging on to the call letters.

WYCL is known as Youngstown Talk Radio. It’s a daytime Class D on 1540 kHz with 500 W-D, DAD and a contour well-centered over the market.

WHTX plays a country legends format and is a Class D on 1570 kHz with 500 W-D, 116 W-N, DA2, with a contour best serving the northwest corner of the market.

Cintron has a 33.3% interest in noncommercial La Cadena Mundial Hispana Inc., licensee of WHWN-FM Painesville OH. It is located along Lake Erie to the east of Cleveland and is not a factor in the Youngstown market.