One Week Remains for Your Sales Compensation Survey Input


Sales teams have endured many changes over the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many broadcast stations have downsized. More companies are using part-time sellers and are embracing remote work.

The result: compensation has been all over the place.

The biggest challenge: hiring in an extremely competitive job market.

How can you best compete to hire the top sellers?

The first step is to share your information in our second annual RBR+TVBR/Media Staffing Network Sales Compensation Study.

With your input, valuable insights into emerging and changing trends can help station owners and managers plan budgets and goals while remaining competitive in hiring.

“For example, we have seen that many television stations are now offering longer security periods than in the past,” says Laurie Kahn, President/CEO of Media Staffing Network. “We have learned that a large percentage of sellers are coming up on retirement in the next few years. We have also learned more about how the selling of products and services is being handled by sales departments.”

This year’s survey includes additional questions designed to provide an understanding of the television industry’s efforts in building diverse teams, selling podcasts, and how their sales teams fared during the pandemic.

The same sales survey is being offered to newspaper and radio industry sales positions. This will paint a portrait as to how the television business compensates their sales associates, compared to competing local media.

Ideal respondents include owners, managers, sellers, and human resource professionals. All survey participants and their responses are confidential.

Each person who fills out the survey will earn a chance to win a $100 American Express Gift Card in a random drawing. 

The survey closes at the end of Friday, July 16.

Findings from the study will be released in conjunction with the Small Market Television Show. The event will be held in conjunction with the 2021 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Respondents will receive an early overview of the study. 

“This information from the RBR+TVBR/Media Staffing Network Sales Compensation Study is helpful to all television broadcasters, and the more responses we receive, the more accurate and insightful the study results will be,” Kahn says. “Please share this survey with your staff and peers so we can get you the most information available.”

Click here to take the survey: