Salem Host Gorka Appointed To National Security Education Board


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump has appointed a Salem Radio Network host to the National Security Education Board, which provides strategic consultation and was established by Congressional act in 1991.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who served as an adviser to the president’s 2016 election campaign and joined the White House in early 2017 as a strategic advisor on national security, is taking the NSEB post.

“This is a great honor and another example of how seriously my old boss takes his responsibility as Commander-In-Chief,” said Gorka, who joined the Salem Radio Network in January 2019 as host of “America First,” which airs in the 3pm-6pm Eastern time slot on the conservative-leaning spoken word and information network.

Ed Atsinger III, Salem’s CEO, commented, “We are proud of the job Dr. Gorka is doing as a Salem Radio Host, and in only a short period of time he has established himself as an expert worthy of this appointment.”