Salem’s AM 560 The Answer details new lineup


WINDAfter leaving Cumulus’ WLS-AM for Michael Savage’s new 3-6PM slot (Hannity did not renew with Cumulus across the board), Salem Communications unveiled a new lineup for WIND-AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, including the addition of Sean Hannity, and an expanded morning show with John Howell and Amy Jacobson. The new lineup will begin Monday, 1/6.

Bill Bennett’s Morning in America returns live to AM 560 in the 5am hour. Big John and Amy will follow with their fast paced Chicago morning show, 6am to 11am. Dennis Miller will remain 11am to 2pm, but will now be live for three hours. Sean Hannity will also be live, aired from 2pm to 5pm. Joe Walsh, who was moved into the 5pm hour last summer, will continue with a live and all Chicago show 5pm to 8pm. Michael Medved’s excellent rundown of the day’s current events will air 8pm to 11pm, followed by Dennis Prager at 11, and Hugh Hewitt at 2am.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join the fantastic lineup on AM 560 The Answer, and share our program live with the great city of Chicago,” said Eric Stanger, VP of Operations and Affiliate Marketing for The Sean Hannity Show.

“Sean Hannity is an ideal fit on AM 560 The Answer,” said Jeff Reisman, General Manager. “Sean is one of the premier news-talk personalities and his style will fit nicely with our outstanding lineup of local and national hosts.”



  1. Although I am very excited about being able to listen to Dennis Miller live from 11:00am-2:00pm, I am very disappointed in the movement of the Michael Medved show to the 8:00 pm time slot. Michael Medved’s show is one of the most intelligent shows on the radio. I look forward to listening to him because I always learn something. I just don’t get talking points like I do from Sean Hannity. Hopefully I’ll find him on another station during working hours. The Michael Medved show should remain in the 2 PM to 5 PM timeslot. Move Sean Hannity to the 8 PM to 11 time slot.
    Eric Hammerlund

  2. Another great NIGHT on this greatest nation on god’s green Earth?

    Michael Medved has the best show on the station. I am a democrat, but tune in regularly to his show for the most intelligent and measured defense of Conservative principles on the radio. Medved welcomes debate, challenges his own party when needed, and has admittedly even changed my mind on some issues. Although the show is still on, it is sad that I will no longer be able to listen at the new time.

    The new lineup of Hannity and Walsh during primetime, is a troubling development for the station, and if Hannity and Walsh are beating Medved in the ratings, its a troubling development for the conservative audience in general.

  3. I am very disappointed that medved got bumped !! He has the only show that’s calm and logical , most of the time. It’s informative and constructive. So now, not only do I hate the democrat rule we have been under, but I have to put up with the heart attack frenzy of joe Walsh and Sean hannity. I have to say that I give up on free radio and I will be getting satellite in an attempt to find the rational approach demonstrated by the medved show. I am very glad about Dennis miller though, but from 2-8, I’m out, thanks

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