Sales statistics or bust


ryan dohrnCan statistics help you sell more?  The answer is yes and no.  To be clear, there is a distinct difference in my mind between ratings and statistics.  Ratings are critical, statistics can be harmful if not used correctly.   For example… “In morning drive we offer you access to more adult males than any other station.  Here are the rating numbers to prove it”.  A statistic is, “Dynamic Logic tells us that more people listen to radio than read magazines.”   Ratings numbers are perceived as accurate and statistics can come from multiple sources with their own agenda.

From an ad sales training perspective, I am always asked for great stats that my clients can share with their advertisers.  I normally ask…why?  What are you trying to prove?  I know ad sales reps love stats, so I tread very carefully around this topic.

The thing about statistics is that most ad sales reps crave stats and very often when they hear or receive statistics they quite honestly go crazy and start emailing customers left and right. The problem with this is that very often advertisers don’t want statistics.  Most advertisers don’t need statistics, you need to earn their trust.  Most advertisers see stats as a desperate attempt that you as a sales rep are using because you have nothing else left.  Quite honestly statistics just boggle their mind.  I think it’s important for all ad sales reps to ask this question, “Will this statistic help me better explain why advertising is beneficial to their business.” 

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