San Francisco radio station down for the count


KTRB-AM 860, owned by Pappas Radio of California is heading into receivership, displacing staff and the program of Michael Savage. But the station – a sports outlet that is the home of Major League Baseball’s Oakland As — has hung onto its chief engineer and will continue to broadcast as it heads for the auction block.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Comerica Bank pulled the plug on Pappas and is placing the station in receivership.

SFC notes that the As have discussed acquiring their own radio station in the past and suggest this might be the perfect opportunity for them to acquire one at a good price if they show up at an auction with their checkbook in hand.

However, the As indicated no serious plans along those lines, at least not yet. They did pick up the contract of a KTRB air talent who handles pregame and postgame programs bookending play-by-play coverage of the team.

Savage, who was already cut by Clear Channel’s KNEW in the not-so-distant past, will be forced to find a third station in his home market.