San Jose and computer radio spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at PC advertisers, the city of San Jose and their use of spot radio. Last week, these were the SPOT TEN in San Jose. #1 was CA HOME GARDEN & DESIGN SHOW with 353 spots. #2 was CAPITOL TOYOTA running 184 units. MERVYNS was #3 with 184 spots, while GOODGUYS ROD & CUSTOM ASSOCIATION was #4 airing 155 announcements. AT&T came in #5 with 152 spots and GREAT AMERICA was #6 with 147 spots. SAFEWAY was #7 running 142 units, while HONDA was #8, up from 17th the previous week, with 135 spots. MIAMI BEACH CLUB was 9th with 134 spots, while the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was 10th running 131 units.

The #1 computer manufacturer to advertise on the radio last week in America was DELL running 2045 spots. BARRACUDA NETWORKS aired 1663 spots to come in #2 and GOTOMYPC was #3 running 1279 units. IBM was #4 with 763 units, while PC TOOLS was #5 running 298 units. LENOVO (formerly IBM Think Pad) was #6 with 165 units, with BSAFE ONLINE was #7 with 100 units. INTERACTIVE BUS INFORMATION SYTEMS was 8th with 43 units, while DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS was 9th with 35 spots and SPAM ARREST was 10th airing 35 spots.

On the NATIONAL SPOT TEN last week, HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #1 airing 26,864 announcements, while GEICO was #2 running 22,659 spots and CHRYSLER was #3 with 19,482 commercials. FORD LINCOLN MERCURY was #4 with 19,400 and MCDONALD’S was 5th with 19,255 spots.