Sanders Campaign Ups TV, Radio Ad Spend


Democrat and RepublicanBernie Sanders campaign has increased its ad spend on television and radio, to $68,541,619.

That’s up nearly $9.4 million from a week ago. Television and radio are not broken out individually.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent more too, a bump of $4.8 million for a total of $57,305,946 to-date, reports AdAge, which examined Kantar Media data.

The story is different when looking at the ad spend by PACs. The total spend by pro-Hillary PACs and advocacy groups ($64,650,613) outpaces the amount spent on TV and radio by pro-Bernie PACs and advocacy groups ($471,539).

There’s been no increase in the amount spent by anti-Donald Trump PACs and advocacy groups on TV and radio.

It’s interesting to note pay structures differ for candidates and PACs. Candidates pay the lowest unit rate while PACs pay whatever the market will bear.