Santa Barbara LPTV with a plan is sold


Mundo FoxA digital low power television outlet in Santa Barbara CA is going to a new owner. This is one LPTV that has an idea what it will be doing in the immediate future, involving ties to a Los Angeles full power station and an international communications company.

The station is KSBT-LD. The seller is Arnold N. Applebaum.

Buying the station is R&C Media Group Inc., d/b/a WCETV and headed by Billy Chung.
The price is $190K cash.

The station has had the right to be a rebroadcaster for Liberman Broadcasting’s KRCA-TV and to carry Liberson’s Estrella TV Network. However, that agreement was contingent on KSBT earning cable carriage, an event which has not yet taken place. According to the contract, R&C will allow this agreement to terminate.

Instead, it is planning to become a rebroadcaster of Meruelo Media Holdings station KWHY-DT from the nearby Los Angeles DMA, bringing it an programming from new Hispanic network MundoFox to Santa Barbara. The Meruelo/MundoFox deal is good from 8/1/12 through 7/31/13.