Santa makes cutbacks in Boost Mobile TV ad


Boost Mobile, a division of Sprint Nextel, unveils the next installment of its ‘Unwronged’ commercials, this time featuring Santa Claus. This holiday season even Santa is being abused with an overpriced cell phone plan and is forced to make cutbacks in the form of a seven-foot-tall elf and donkey stand-ins to lug his sleigh.

“Santa is cutting back; his workshop is looking a little tattered, his elves aren’t as chipper and he has traded in his reindeer for donkeys,” said Neil Lindsay, chief marketing officer, Boost Mobile. “Santa needs to switch to the Boost Mobile nationwide $50 Monthly Unlimited plan to help get his finances back on track.”

The spot began airing 11/17 and features the Motorola Debut i856, Boost Mobile’s first push-to-talk slider phone.

The TV spots run through the remainder of the year on 20 networks including NBC, FOX, ESPN, ABC Family, Bravo and TBS. The creative comes from Boost Mobile’s AOR, 180LA, and highlights Boost Mobile as the answer to wireless competitors’ wrongs.