Savage crashes YouStream on surprise broadcast


Michael SavageOnly days after winning his suit against Talk Radio Network and then leaving the network to shop other syndicators, talk radio superstar Michael Savage was broadcasting live on UStream Sunday night at 8PM for an hour.

“I’ve been on the radio 18 years and that may or may not continue. This is a new kick for me. I’m out there in the wilderness right now, where I want to be. I spent $900,000. Free at last, free at last. The only thing that kept me from number one was the distribution.”

Savage tells RBR-TVBR: “I crashed the YouStream site. Drudge linked it. It was historic—we had to shut it off for replays. Too many.”

He also said on his broadcast that if he were to air (which he actually wants) the same slot as Rush he’d beat him.

You can try the stream here


    • I respect Rush….however savage would give him a run for the money, he has clarity and has NO party affiliation.

  1. Not surprising that Savage would sue TRN,the network that made him a national star. He basically did the same thing in San Francisco (minus the lawsuit) to Jack Swanson and Mickey Luckoff of KSFO and KGO, the guys that gave him his start in radio,

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