Savage debates CA AG Jerry Brown on The Fairness Doctrine


Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage debated California Attorney General and Former Governor Jerry Brown during The Savage Nation on Friday, discussing  hot topics affecting the entire nation including: The Fairness Doctrine, the costs of illegal immigration to the State of California, and Brown’s plans for his upcoming run for Governor of California. 

While discussing the return of the Fairness Doctrine Attorney General Jerry Brown said, “A little control over the media would be a good thing.”

Savage replied that, as a conservative, he is in the minority in the media, and that many in Brown’s Democratic Party would like to see him taken off the air via the Fairness Doctrine.  Brown responded by stating that the current situation of having talk radio dominated by conservatives allows for “one-sided presentations.”

Savage then noted that former President Bill Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Debby Stabenow have called for re-establishment of the doctrine, adding that all three “want conservative voices constrained in the media.”  Savage questioned Brown on what side he would be on regarding the issue.

Brown said, “I think we need a robust range of opinions on the air.” He continued by saying that “a little state control wouldn’t hurt anybody” and said that in warning against the Fairness Doctrine, Savage was “paranoid.”

Savage retorted with the fact that The Fairness Doctrine, is “aimed only at Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and, in other words, the top five,” and is intended to silence such conservative voices on radio.

Savage continued the debate by discussing the issue of illegal immigration and its effect on California.  Savage said, “Here we have a state that’s going broke as many states are in the Union. We have a budget deficit of $41 billion by the best estimate – no one knows how much. In all the talk about balancing the budget from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s so-called Republicans; Why has there not been one discussion about cutting off services to non-citizens, even in the emergency rooms? That would save $10 to $15 million dollars.”  He asked Attorney General Brown “Why is it that the government seems to think that the illegal aliens have more rights than the legal citizens?”

Brown responded by saying, “Well no one says they have more rights.”  He continued on by insisting that the children of illegals are not “responsible for what their parents did…the problem is the national law. When someone is here in an auto accident bleeding to death you’ve got to take care of them.  That’s just basic humanity.”

Savage confirmed “I can understand that no one would argue with basic humanity.”  However Savage shared his personal experiences; that he had been in emergency rooms three times in the last year and that he had seen "crowds of illegal aliens being treated not for auto accidents, but they are taking their children in for the common cold and the flu. It’s costing the state billions and billions of dollars. And yet in all this rhetoric, not one governor has said that the people cannot afford it. We have to cut back somewhere – how about cutting back with regards to benefits for illegal aliens? I’m bringing up hospitals, but there are many avenues where [benefits for] illegal aliens could be curtailed in some way. The citizens are being told that they have to cut back. How about the non-citizens?”

Brown agreed that all citizens are going to have to cut back, but then asked: “What are you going to do, round up several million people and take them down to the border and drop them off?”

Savage responded by saying, “You don’t have to get that draconian.” Savage made a suggestion that the state could put a California Highway Patrol Officer in every emergency room and ask people for proof of citizenship.  He continues by saying, “We can’t afford to treat you anymore.  Do you have any idea how many hospitals are going bankrupt in this country because of the burden of treating illegal aliens, as required by federal law?”

Savage addresses Attorney General Brown regarding running for Governor of California by saying, “I would think you as Governor if you wanted to run and become Governor you would have to look into these things.”
Towards the end of the interview Savage applauded Brown for coming on the show by saying, “It’s very brave of you and very dignified to come on to The Savage Nation.”