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Michael SavageAccording to Talk Stream Live, the online performance of radio talker Michael Savage was not only the best by far amongst his competition, it also set a new record.

TSL measures the use of alternate methods people use to listen to their favorite talk talents, including a “cloud-based server” on its own website. It only provides statistics for those listed on

Michael Savage pulled a 25.2 share, a share characterized as “unprecedented.”

Of Savage, TSL stated, “He has significantly increased his lead over all other talk contenders. Talk Stream Live tracks streaming listenership online and on mobile devices for over 2,000 talk shows and used a sample size of 1.3 million listening sessions for this report.”

Rush Limbaugh, the only other talker to amass a double-digit rating, was far back in second place.

Here, from TSL, is a list of the top 25.
1 Michael Savage 25.2
2 Rush Limbaugh 11.8
3 Laura Ingraham 6.4
4 Mark Levin 5.3
5 Glenn Beck 3.8
6 Sean Hannity 3.7
7 Tammy Bruce 3.2
8 George Noory 1.9
9 Alex Jones 1.8
10 Dennis Miller 1.6
11 Bill Bennett 1.4
12 John Batchelor 1.4
13 Michael Medved 1.1
14 Red Eye Radio 1.0
15 Clyde Lewis 1.0
16 Jeff Kuhner 0.9
17 Dennis Prager 0.9
18 The Dana Show 0.9
19 Hugh Hewitt 0.8
20 The Power Hour 0.8
20 Sam Sorbo 0.8
21 IMUS 0.6
22 Jerry Doyle 0.5
23 Mike Gallagher 0.5
24 Larry Kudlow 0.5
25 Dave Ramsey 0.5
Source: Talk Stream Live

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