Savage tops Talk Stream Live list


Michael SavageThe Talk Stream Live Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows’ Q1 report shows WestwoodOne’s Michael Savage has significantly tops the other talkers, reclaiming the top talk show spot on the list. Savage’s unprecedented margin of separation in the ratings with second place Rush Limbaugh is the biggest ever. Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham round out the top five talk shows for the quarter. Clyde Lewis host of Ground Zero improved his rank from 22 to 15 and Jerry Doyle back from his short sabbatical returns to the top 25 list.

The TSL Top 25 Report scientifically tracks talk radio show metrics gathered on the internet and collected through their cloud based server via Talk Stream Live’s Website, Gadgets, iPhone app, Android app and “click-to-listen” links on Social Networks. Note that they only rank the talk show hosts that are listed at

First Quarter 2014

Rank / Share

1 Michael Savage 20.1

2 Rush Limbaugh 13.4

3 Glenn Beck 7.2

4 Mark Levin 5.4

5 Laura Ingraham 5.4

6 Sean Hannity 4.1

7 Tammy Bruce 4.1

8 George Noory 2.3

9 Dennis Miller 1.6

10 John Batchelor 1.5

11 Bill Bennett 1.5

12 Red Eye Radio 1.2

13 Michael Medved 1.1

14 Alex Jones 1.1

15 Clyde Lewis 1.0

16 Jeff Kuhner 0.9

17 Hugh Hewitt 0.8

18 Dennis Prager 0.8

19 Herman Cain 0.7

20 Larry Kudlow 0.7

21 IMUS 0.7

22 Monica Crowley 0.6

23 The Dana Show 0.6

24 Jerry Doyle 0.6

25 The Power Hour 0.6

Survey Period: (1/1/2014 – 3/31/2014 )

Sample Size: 862,425 listener sessions




  1. Well deserved, Michael Savage! The only talk show host that tells it like it should be told! This has been a long time coming, and CONGRATULATIONS to Michael. I hope he stays on top for a long, long time. Now, I just wish more stations would actually air his show. But that’s OK that they don’t – I just turn off the radio and listen online. No problem. 😀

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