Scarborough Research adds cell-phone-only to sample


With more and more homes going without a landline phone, Scarborough Research announced that it will incorporate cell-phone-only (CPO) users into the sample frame for its syndicated local market studies. The first data will be released in spring 2010.

Scarborough, a joint venture of Nielsen and Arbitron, said it will employ an address-based sample to identify cell-phone-only populations.  This CPO sample will be combined  with the company’s traditional landline telephone sample frame currently used to collect data for its syndicated  Top-Tier  Local Market service. Scarborough is utilizing the new addressed-based sample/CPO methodology treatment in 10 local market studies initially. Over the next two data releases, due to the marketplace in spring 2011, the company will incorporate the CPO treatment into all of its Top-Tier Local Market Studies, as well as into Scarborough USA+ (a national study).

“The addition of the cell phone-only sample frame underscores Scarborough’s commitment to responding to sample coverage changes with a goal of ensuring that our clients are utilizing quality, reliable consumer data. Our new procedures represent the leading methods to reach the cell phone-only population while maintaining survey quality,” said Gregg Lindner, Executive Vice President of Research and Operations, Scarborough Research.

“Cell phones have become ubiquitous. We recognize the need to ensure those consumers who use their cell phone as their primary phone are included in our survey. At Scarborough, we are focused on providing high-quality information that reflects today’s consumer. The new CPO treatment ensures just that,” said Steve Seraita, Executive Vice President of Sales, Scarborough Research. ”

The first set of Scarborough Local Markets Studies which will receive the new CPO methodology are: Austin, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Columbus, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; Flint, MI; Sacramento, CA; Norfolk, VA; Syracuse, NY.

The markets for the next phase will be announced within the coming months.