SCBA graduates record number of radio sales execs


scbaThe Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) announced a record number of graduates of new, fully trained Radio Sales Executives from its spring 2014 Southern California Broadcasters University (SCBU) Sales Training Classes. 33 new sellers from its member stations completed a rigorous 10 week sales course which began on 3/31 and concluded on 6/4.

“A fully trained SCBU Radio Sales Executive can deal with any client, any economy, and any challenge with confidence and credibility,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan. “That’s why our Southern California Radio members have fully embraced our SCBU Sales Training programs.”

The spring 2014 SCBU Sales Training Classes covered all of the critical subjects today’s Radio sales professionals will need to succeed in a highly demanding profession. Course material included building client relationships, digital selling basics, understanding PPM data, NTR selling skills, Strategic Selling, New Business Basics, and New Business Development. All courses were highly interactive with in-depth role playing based on everyday sales scenarios with complex sales challenges that required team homework and advance preparation from the students.

“The main goal of our SCBU sales training programs is to elevate the professionalism of all new radio sales executives in Southern California,” said Callahan. “That can only be accomplished with real world sales training that is both instructional and motivating.  “We are fortunate to attract some of the best GSMs and DOSs in our region who volunteered their time to be excellent and effective instructors.”

The SCBA is always looking to innovate and enhance the training experience for its students and this semester featured a new special “SCBU Sales Hotline” which allowed students to have more one on one time to discuss class topics, as well as the expansion of the One Year In program, allowing successful sellers with one year of experience to share their success and advice with new sellers.

SCBU sales training is a joint effort of the SCBA and the sales management council of Southern California. The ten week semesters are held twice a year in the spring and fall.